Mite March Meltdown Youth Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Youth long sleeve t-shirt with Mite March Meltdown with full chest logo design in royal blue. Optional year and Champions imprinted on sleeve or full back.

Personalization-Name Only (+$8.00)

Last name is generally used but “Hockey Mom” or other names are allowed. Placement is usually opposite or underneath design.

Personalization-Number Only (+$8.00)

A players number can be added and is normally placed under the design or opposite logo.

Personalization-Name and Number (+$10.00)

Players name and number are added beneath or opposite the design.


Please let us know if you have a special request. Be as specific as possible.

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Youth long sleeve T-shirt with Mite March Meltdown with full chest logo design. Optional year and Champions on sleeve or full back.

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